UBB Student Spotlight


Christopher enrolled at UBB in 2010, and is currently on the path of earning his Bachelor’s degree. Chris is also an accomplished self-taught artist who creates unique, Native-American inspired crafts which he often donates to UBB — his way of giving back to the program that has given so much to him. Chris is also a new TA this year, and is an avid member of UBB’s Prisoner Advisor Committee (PAC).

Why did you join UBB?

UBB has provided me the opportunity to explore education on a level in which I never have before: pushing myself in an area I had given up on long ago. By putting myself back into an educational environment, I have found an extreme amount of confidence within myself and in what I can accomplish.

How has UBB impacted you?

Since I have been involved with UBB, I have developed more than just critical thinking skills. I have built a confidence that allows me to tackle whatever I set out to accomplish and know that I am more than just a drug dealer and criminal. I am a leader, a leader that can change not just my life but the lives of others. UBB offers this for many men. It allows men to grow into who they were meant to be in the first place. It allows for a culture of positive change to take place, and, in a place like prison, that is quite rare.

My life has been changed forever because of my involvement with UBB. I often wonder if I would have made it this far in my personal growth to such a positive way of living if not for UBB and all it has offered me while in prison. Our program changes lives every single day. This change allows for men to leave prison and to have a much better chance of success while reintegrating back into our communities. UBB is truly making our communities safer, and that is something we should continue to build upon.

Because he dropped out of high school his freshman year, Chris never thought he would pursue a college degree, but now he has accomplished so much since then. He has been an excellent student leader, representing our students through participating in PAC meetings. Through PAC and being an active student during class, Chris has demonstrated a continued commitment to UBB’s work and mission. Chris is such creative, hard-working student and amazing person, who is constantly striving to better himself through education. We are so proud of how much Chris has grown since joining us at UBB, and we cannot wait to see him continue to accomplish his goals!