UBB Volunteer Spotlight

Maris talking to UBB student, Atif Rafay

Maris talking to UBB student, Atif Rafay

Meet our amazing volunteer, Maris Catalan! Maris is a long-time grammar instructor and a proud sponsor of UBB’s computer lab, study hall, and arts & lecture series. Because of her generosity, Maris was unanimously voted as UBB’s Sponsor of the Year!

“I began volunteering at UBB in the fall of 2013. I was thrilled to join this program because teaching to help and enlighten others has always been my aspiration. Teaching at UBB is a gift to me. To give knowledge, accomplishment, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth to others provides the deepest meaning to my life. The wonderful memories I have of UBB consist of all the times the students have smiled broadly and said "I get it!"  My heart rejoices each and every time.”

We are so grateful to have Maris join our volunteer team here at University Beyond Bars. Her experience and passion for teaching our students demonstrates dedication to higher education access for all. Because of her compassion for our students, she continues to actively engage and empower them during and outside of class. We cannot thank Maris enough for all of her hard work over the years!

Want to be an outstanding volunteer like Maris? Fill out an online application on our website, and join our volunteer team!