UBB Volunteer Maris named MCC's Volunteer of the Year!

Maris 2.jpg

We would like to highlight one of our long-time volunteer instructors, Maris Catalan! Maris teaches our grammar classes, and sponsors our computer lab, study hall, and arts & lecture series. Last year, Maris put in over 500 hours of service with UBB, and was unanimously voted as UBB’s Sponsor of the Year!

Maris shares with us why she enjoys teaching:

“Teaching at UBB is a gift to me. To give knowledge, accomplishment, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth to others provides the deepest meaning to my life. The wonderful memories I have of UBB consist of all the times the students have smiled broadly and said ‘I get it!’  My heart rejoices each and every time.”

Last month was National Volunteer Week, a time for organizations across the country to honor volunteers for their selfless contributions and recognize the irreplaceable impact of their time and energy all year round. The Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) wanted to showcase their volunteers, and to let them know how much they appreciate their commitment to bringing programs and services to the population of MCC. Because of her incredible generosity and commitment in supporting our students, Maris has been named Volunteer of the Year by MCC!!

Maris, as well as all of our UBB volunteers, were honored at MCC’s Volunteer Appreciation Banquet last week. We are so thankful to have so many extraordinary volunteers who dedicate their time to serve our students!