Media Publications

We are honored to have been mentioned in the following media publications:

Burke Museum: Journey behind bars to aid in prisoners' learning

Q 13 Fox: ‘They rise to what you expect of them:’ Prison program helps transform lives through education

student publications

We are proud of all of our students' achievements, some of which are noted below.  UBB student writing has been recognized in writing competitions and published in anthologies, national and international journals, and magazines.


Longworth, Arthur, "Raised, and Imprisoned, By The State, a prisoner and former foster child on the kids he knew - and the inmates they became," The Marshall Project, May 26,2015.

Longworth, Arthur. "Inmate Deserve Hope," Real Change newspaper, February 4, 2015. 

Bartholomew, Steve, Top 50 Winner in National Prison Writing Contest,, February 1, 2015.

Longworth, Arthur, Top 50 Winner in National Prison Writing Contest,, February 1, 2015.



Bartholomew, Steven. "Son of a District." July 7, 2014. First Place in Memoir in the 2015 PEN American Prison Writing Contest.) 

Longworth, Arthur. “Walla Walla IMU.” Tacenda Literary Magazine, 146-149, edited by Alexa Marie Kelly and Hannah Ehlers. BleakHouse Publishing, 2014.

Pauley, Timothy. “How eBay Nearly Killed Gary Bridgeway.” Prison Noir, edited by Joyce Carol Oates. Brooklyn: Akashic Books.


Bourgeois, Jeremiah. “The Irrelevance of Reform: Maturation in the Department of Corrections.” Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 11 (2013): 149-159.

Rafay, Atif, “An ‘Impossible Profession’? The Radical University in Prison.” Radical Teacher 95, no. 1 (2013): 10-21.


Rafay, Atif. “Bleak Housing and Black Americans: Some Problems in the Use of Racial Disparities in Incarceration as a Reason for Reform.” Journal of Poverty 16, no. 3 (August 14, 2012): 353-362. As reprinted in October 24, 2012. (Awarded First Place in essay in the 2012 PEN American Prison Writing Contest.)


Rafay, Atif, “On the Margins of Freedom.” The Walrus Magazine. April 2011. As reprinted in Best Canadian Essays 2012, edited by Christopher Doda and Ray Robertson, 193-214. Toronto: Tightrope Books, 2012.


Conner, Jeff. “Fault.” April 6, 2010. (Awarded the Dawson Prize in Fiction in the 2010 PEN American Prison Writing Contest.)

Longworth, Arthur. “Walla Walla IMU.” April 8, 2010. (Awarded First Place in Memoir in the 2010 PEN American Prison Writing Contest.).


Longworth, Arthur. “The Hole.” June 24, 2008. (Recipient of an Honorable Mention in Essay in the 2008 PEN American Prison Writing Contest.)