UBB Volunteer Spotlight

Meet our volunteer, Kathy Mitchell!

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Kathy Mitchell is an academic advisor at UW Bothell. She has her Master’s Degree in Education, focusing on math education, and has experience advising and teaching at community college. Kathy also has experience in industry, including Microsoft.

When did you start volunteering as an advisor for UBB?

March 2018

Why did you become an advisor with UBB?

I believe an organization such as UBB addresses educational inequality. I work with UBB students in much the same way I work with UW Bothell students.  Each student has unique academic goals, and I partner with them to create an academic plan. I believe in the power of education, and feel that each student grows, both academically and personally, with each class they pursue. I was exposed to UBB through faculty at UW Bothell, namely Gary Carpenter.   I also have worked with students who have participated in UBB mixed enrollment courses.

Why do you enjoy volunteering at UBB?

I enjoy meeting with students and partnering with them to reach their academic goals.

 How has the experience changed you?

I believe that students are more likely to persist when surrounded by positive influences.  The experience of volunteering with UBB has introduced me to a number of positive faculty, staff, and students who have all impacted me.  I enjoy ‘giving back’ to the UBB students, who may be seen as a marginalized population.

What is your favorite memory of UBB?

I find it very rewarding to help students understand the ‘world of college’ while incarcerated, by demystifying and clarifying their educational journey.

We are so happy to have Kathy as our academic advisor for our students. We appreciate her coming out to Monroe twice a month to meet with our students about their academic plans for earning their AA and BA degrees. Some of our students showed interest in advising other students in reaching their academic goals and plan for their futures, and Kathy will teach them how to advice other students. Kathy continues to be there for them, and we cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication!

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