GiveBIG 2018


On Wednesday, May 9th, Seattle Foundation will host their last GiveBIG in honor of the many nonprofits doing outstanding work in the Seattle area. GiveBIG Seattle is a one-day online giving event to raise funds for non-profit organizations serving the Greater Seattle area, and we are so honored to be a part of this amazing campaign again this year!

UBB is proud to be part of your community, and we want to give a BIG thank you who have supported our students over the years, by empowering prisoners to fulfill their potential through higher learning that transcend prison walls.

Your commitment in prison education and criminal justice reform by supporting our students is what inspires us to fulfill our mission everyday. Because of YOU, we are able to help hundreds of our students by providing them the tools to participate in interesting courses taught by our dedicated instructors. Without the financial support that you help to cover tuition, fees, textbooks, and supplies, none of our programs would have been possible.

On May 9th, giving a little truly GIVES BIG. Join us in GIVING BIG for all in our community when you take a minute to tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your dedication to our students. This year's GiveBIG theme is: FOR ALL. How can you help us give big for all?  

  • Make a donation in support of empowering our students in prison through higher learning. You can schedule your donation online on April 26th and it will be processed on May 9th!

  • Double your impact: Thanks to the generosity of our entire board of directors, every dollar donated will be matched up to $2,500!

  • Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about why you are dedicated in empowering our students through higher learning. Upload a selfie and share your commitment on social media. Use the hashtag #WhyIGiveBig and #GiveBIG and tag us in your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We will retweet and regram your posts onto our social media, as a way of saying thanks!

Thank you so much again for your generosity and dedication in building a better higher learning environment for all of our students. We are honored to do this work with you!