What a day! - GiveBIG 2018

GiveBIG 2018 banner.jpg

WOW! Thank you to all of our supporters who participated in Seattle Foundation’s last GiveBIG! In just ONE DAY, we not only secured our match, but we raised over $11,000 for our students! You all truly GAVE BIG!!

Here’s what our 2017 UBB graduate, Brian Bassett, said about the power of higher education:

“This gift of an education will continue to cultivate and produce groups of outstanding individuals who will leave prison one day, never to return. This is the significance and impact of UBB in my life.”

Thank you for making this last GiveBIG a special day for our students. Because of your tremendous generosity and continued support to our students, we can continue to provide them with the tools to succeed through our programs and classes. We could not have done this work without each and every one of you!