OUR solution

By providing college education to prisoners, University Beyond Bars is responding to a significant need within our community - addressing educational inequality, breaking intergenerational poverty, creating safer communities, potentially saving taxpayers millions through reduced recidivism rates, and revitalizing wasted lives. For those who will never be released, post-secondary education offers the intellectual challenge and positive community that truly gives them freedom through education, a phrase coined by our Prisoner Advisory Committee.

Our three educational pathways (degree, certificate, lecture series) allow us to serve a large and diverse group of students. Participation in UBB is always elective, and we do not limit participation based on sentence structure.  Rather, we recognize that all students, regardless of sentence length, can benefit from higher education and impact their peers, environment, and community in positive and meaningful ways.  Our students range in age from 18-65 and nearly half are people of color.